Vietnam Work Permit for foreign teachers

Making work permit for foreign teachers is becoming increasingly necessary. Due to current trends, the international communication environment has penetrated every country since globalization occurred. Bringing foreign teachers directly into teaching is now a common trend in schools, educational systems, and training centers.

In Vietnam, foreign teachers mainly teach foreign languages such as English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and physical education subjects such as Yoga, etc.”

According to the regulations of Vietnamese law, when foreign workers work in Vietnam but do not have a work permit or confirmation that they do not need a work permit, they will be deported from Vietnam, and the establishments using unauthorized foreign teachers will be fined. Currently, according to the regulations on foreign teachers in Article 154 of the 2019 Labor Code and Article 7 of Decree 152/2020/NĐ-CP, there are 20 cases exempt from work permits. Among them, obtaining a work permit for foreign teachers is a requirement for foreign teachers to teach in Vietnam. Therefore, to ensure legitimate work in Vietnam, foreign teachers must apply for a work permit.

Vietnam Work Permit
Vietnam Work Permit for foreign teachers

Quan Lieu would like to provide guidance on the process of issuing a work permit and the necessary documents for foreign teachers as follows:

Step 1: Request approval to use foreign labor

Within at least 30 days from the intended date of using foreign labor, the company must submit a report explaining the need for using foreign labor to the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs where the foreign teacher is intended to work.

The document includes:

  • Explanation of the need for using/ changing the need for using foreign laborers form.
  • A certified copy of the business license.

Result time: Within 15 days from the date of receiving the notification from the enterprise, the State agency will issue an approval document to the employer regarding the above explanation report.

Step 2: Submitting an application for a work permit for foreign teachers

  • The application includes:
  • A request for a work permit for foreigners according to the prescribed form
  • A health certificate issued abroad or a health check certificate issued in Vietnam in accordance with regulations (valid for 12 months)
  • Foreigner’s criminal record or criminal record certificate issued in Vietnam in accordance with regulations (valid for no more than 06 months)
  • A document confirming the approval of the position of using foreign labor
  • Documents proving the foreign teacher is a teacher:
  • Diploma from college level or higher
  • Teaching certificate
  • Certificate of teaching experience abroad.
  • 02 color photos, size 4×6, white background, no glasses
  • Certified copy of the foreigner’s passport and visa.

Note: The foreign teacher’s papers issued abroad or by the diplomatic representative agency of the foreign country in Vietnam must be legalized by the consular department and officially translated into Vietnamese. Processing time: 05 working days from the date of receiving a valid application.

Above are all the necessary procedures to obtain a work permit for foreign teachers to work in Vietnam. Quan Lieu currently provides work permit application services. For any questions, please contact us.

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