Some Notes on Applying for a Vietnam Passport Online in 2023

Currently, applying for a Vietnam passport online is much simpler and more convenient than queuing at government agencies to receive a number and complete the procedures. However, some people may still not fully understand the regulations when applying for a Vietnamese passport online.

In today’s article, Quan Lieu Services would like to provide readers with some important notes when applying for a Vietnamese passport online in 2023.

1. What is a Vietnam passport?

A Vietnamese passport is a document issued by the Vietnamese government to Vietnamese citizens for travel abroad, entry and exit, and proof of nationality and identity. The passport contains basic information, including portrait photo; last name, middle name, and first name; date of birth; gender; nationality; immigration document code and number; date of issue, issuing authority; date of expiry; personal identification number or national identification card number; position, the title for a diplomatic passport, official passport corresponding to foreign relations requirements. The language used in the passport includes both Vietnamese and English.

2. General Requirements for Vietnam Passport

Currently, Vietnamese ordinary passports issued domestically are divided into two types: ordinary passports with chips and ordinary passports without chips.

According to Article 15 of the 2019 Law on Entry and Exit of Vietnamese Citizens, the dossier for applying for an ordinary passport includes:

  • 1 ordinary passport application form;
  • 2 recent photos taken within 6 months;
  • Relevant documents:
  • A certified copy of the birth certificate or an extract of the birth certificate for individuals under 14 years old;
  • The most recently issued ordinary passport for those who have been previously issued a passport; in case of loss, a report of loss or acknowledgment of receipt of loss report from the competent authority must be submitted;
  • A certified copy of the national identity card or citizen identification card for cases where there are changes in personal information compared to the information in the most recently issued passport;
  • A certified copy of the document proving legal representation for individuals who lack civil act capacity, have difficulties in cognition, or are not yet 14 years old, according to the provisions of the Civil Law, if the certified copy is not authenticated, the original document must be presented for verification and comparison.

In addition, for cases specified in Clause 4 of Article 15 of the 2019 Law on Entry and Exit of Vietnamese Citizens, for the first-time issuance of ordinary passports domestically, the applicant must supplement one of the following types of dossiers or documents at the Immigration Department:

  • Introduction or request letter from a hospital for medical examination or treatment abroad;
  • Documents identifying relatives abroad who have had accidents, illnesses, or deaths;
  • Request letter from the direct managing agency for officials, public servants, officers, non-commissioned officers, professional soldiers, workers, and employees in the armed forces, or individuals working in essential organizations;
  • Documentation proving for other humanitarian and urgent reasons.

3. The latest online passport application procedures for Vietnam passport in 2023

The latest online passport application procedures for Vietnam in 2023 are as follows:

Step 1: Prepare the required documents for online passport application according to the regulations of the law.

Step 2: Submit the application

  • Submit the application online through the National Public Service Portal or the Public Service Portal of the Ministry of Public Security, and send additional documents via the postal service as instructed by the Immigration Department on the National Public Service Portal or the Public Service Portal of the Ministry of Public Security (if applicable).
  • Immigration officers receive and verify the legal status and content of the application.
  • The applicant may request to receive the result via postal service and must pay the delivery fee.

Step 3: Receive the result

4. Some cases that are not supported for online the application in Vietnam passport  are:

  • Vietnamese citizens who do not have a chip-embedded citizen identification card.
  • Children under 14 years old.
  • Vietnamese citizens who have lost or damaged their old passports.

5. Frequently Asked Questions about Vietnam passport :

Question 1: My son is 12 years old and wants to have his own passport. What do I need to do?

Answer: Documents to prepare:

  • Application form for passport issuance according to form X01 (to be filled and signed by the mother, father, or legal guardian; if the mother, father, or legal guardian is not available, then the foster mother, foster father, or legal guardian with proper identification can fill and sign on their behalf) must be confirmed and stamped by the local police at the place where the child is registered or temporarily resides.
  • Submit 1 copy of the Birth Certificate or an Extract of the Birth Certificate (if a photocopy, the original must be presented for verification and comparison).
  • 2 photos sized 4×6 cm (with a straight face, no hat, no colored glasses, white background).

Question 2: Can a person with the incapacitation of civil behavior get a passport? Regulations on passport issuance for persons with the incapacitation of civil behavior.


  • A person with the incapacitation of civil behavior can obtain a passport.
  • Passport issuance for a person with the incapacitation of civil behavior can be done online or directly at the relevant agency.
  • Documents to prepare:
  • 1 standard passport application form.
  • 2 recent photos were taken within 6 months.
  • ID card with chip
  • Certified copies of papers evidencing the legal representative of the person who has lost the capacity for civil acts, the person who has difficulty in perception and behavior control as prescribed by the Civil Code, who is under 14 years old year old. In case the photocopies are not authenticated, present the original for checking and comparison.

Question 3: Can a Vietnamese passport be renewed online when it expires?

Answer: Vietnamese passports can be renewed online, but only for diplomatic and official passports. For ordinary passports, a new application must be submitted.

Question 4: Can I apply for a new Vietnamese passport online if my passport is lost?

Answer: Vietnamese passports cannot be applied for online if they are lost.

Question 5: My child is currently 8 years old. Can they share a passport with their mother or father? Is there any difference between sharing a passport and having their own passport?

Answer: According to Article 5 of Decree 65/2012/ND-CP: Children under 9 years old have the right to share a passport with their mother or father.

Children from 9 years old and above are required to have their own passports.

  • When a passport includes a child, the maximum validity period is 5 years and the child can only travel with the person who shares the passport.
  • If applying for a separate passport, the passport of a child under 14 years old has a maximum validity period of 3 years.

The above are legal issues related to Some notes when making Vietnam Passport online in 2023. If you are in need of more in-depth advice on this issue, please contact us. Immediately with Quan Lieu Service to receive the fastest, most effective advice at the most economical cost! You can contact us via Hotline: 0966 222 840 or chat with a consultant at our website.

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