1. Vision

In recent years, Vietnam’s legal policies for managing foreigners have been constantly changing to match the orientation of world economic integration, developing highly skilled labor resources in some industry groups to increase labor productivity and promote national economic growth.

In order to promptly grasp regulations and provide maximum support for businesses, we realize the need for a dedicated team of staff who regularly update, advise and support businesses, investors, individuals in the implementation of the provisions of the law in accordance with the characteristics of each locality.

With the determination to pursue and build sustainable brand values, Quan Lieu aims to become the leading consulting service provider for foreigners in Vietnam, meeting even the most stringent requirements and conditions for foreigners with commitment to high security.

  1. Mission

Wishing to provide maximum support to the expatriate community in Vietnam, Quan Lieu has the mission of providing clients with fast, timely, accurate legal services, ensuring high legality at the lowest cost so that clients can feel secure to work and live in Vietnam in accordance with the law.

  1. Core values

With the criterion of putting service quality first, our company always prioritizes professional development over entering the market and the number of customers. Therefore, Quan Lieu’s staff has been constantly cultivating professional knowledge, handling records as well as updating legal regulations to bring clients absolute satisfaction.

The company’s key human resources department is assigned to be in charge of the area, ensuring to follow and understand the specific characteristics of each locality, thereby providing accurate advice to clients and businesses across the country to develop diversified forms of labor source, meeting the needs of common market integration.

Acting as a bridge between businesses, individuals and state agencies, contributing to perfecting legal policies in line with reality, creating maximum conditions for foreigners and the local government’s management of foreigners.

  1. Orientations for development

Sustainable development of strength consulting services for foreigners in Vietnam such as: Entry Letters, Visas, Work Permits, Temporary Residence Cards, Consular Legalization, Criminal Record Certificates, etc.

Based on the development capacity in the legal service industry and the strength of understanding specific to each industry and each locality, we proceed to expand related business support services such as Foreign Investment, Conditional Business License.

Become a strategic and reputable partner of agencies across the country – cooperate to create professional services that bring the highest benefits to clients.

  1. Achievements and Experiences

Up to now, Quan Lieu has successfully performed services for businesses and foreigners in most areas of the country. With a team of young enthusiastic and professional staff, Quan Lieu is committed to constantly improving service quality, becoming the leading service consulting center for foreigners in Vietnam.